The Goa tourism has undergone a monumental development in recent times thanks to the huge popularity of this place which was under the former Portuguese reign. Goa is a small state located on the western coast of India and attracts visitors from each and every nook and cranny of the world. A majority of the natives or local inhabitants depend upon Goa tourism for their source of sustenance. Goa with its infinite ocean and sparkling sandy beaches beckon the travelers from far and wide.

Goa At A Glance

There are many beaches by the seaside which are ideal for lazing round or moonlight parties. Some of the famous beaches in Goa include Anjuna, Marimar. Dona Paula and Vagator among others. The Goa beaches stretch for miles along the coastline and are intercepted by three rivers. The northern beaches surpass their southern counterparts in terms of popularity.

Accomodations In Goa

Goa tourism has raised the expenses of accommodation especially during the times when people flock here in crowds. During the months of November till late March the charges are quite exorbitant for staying at any of the five star hotels. In the month of December the five star hotels charge a pretty penny for each night.

If it is adventures that you desire and want to economize as well then do consider staying at the shacks or beach side huts. These huts are found in Vagator which is a little distance away from Anjuna Beach. For an amount of four hundred to six hundred rupees the huts provide a dual bed, a washroom with an adjoining toilet, fresh towels and a lock. However if you wish to stay at these huts steer clear of the rains during the monsoon.

Cuisine, Sports And Other Attractions That Goa Tourism Has To Offer

The cuisine at a Goa is a fascinating mixture of the local and the Portuguese flavors. Fish curry and rice is the main repast of the people combined with fried fish and pickles. The Kingfish in garlic and prawn balcheo have clear Portuguese tastes. Feni is a local drink of Goa which one should be sure to sample.

Goa tourism would make your family holiday truly memorable with a lot of water sports. They include fishing, water skiing, speed boating and para sailing. The thrill is simply unforgettable.

Some of the famous churches and cathedrals include St Cathedral and Basilica of the Born Jesus. The Dudhsagar waterfalls invites the nature lovers for a visit.

A Little About Flights From Goa To Delhi

The number of flights from Goa to Delhi is as many as thirty per week. Among the most frequently used Goa to Delhi flights Indigo airlines would be a name to reckon with. There are as many as 18, 340 seats available on the Goa to Delhi flights. So if you book your tickets before hand it would not be difficult to find a place on the flights from Goa to Delhi.