Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a state with delightful landscapes, located amidst the snow capped Himalayan Mountains in the Northern part of India. A Holiday in Himachal is advisable as it proves to be a traveler's paradise offering deep gorges, lush green valleys, high snow peaks, ravenous rivers, crystal clear mountain lakes, flower bedded meadows, ancient temples coupled with magnificent monasteries. Its spectacular landscapes and clustered hill stations help tourists to rejuvenate themselves from their hectic life schedules. A lot of opportunities like trekking, ice skating, mountaineering, skiing, golfing, river rafting and Para gliding are offered by the state.


The state attracts millions of tourists to its state because of its breathtaking natural beauty in serene surroundings. Interesting Himalayan treks and inexpensive holiday packages are offered by the state in order to encourage people to experience the beauty of the magnificent Himalayan Mountains instead of opting them to purchase expensive Swiss tour packages that offer them similar benefits. Tourism being one of the major sectors of the state, in recent times the government has taken steps to develop the infrastructure, conserve and preserve historical monuments, identify new tourist destinations etc. Along with developing the state infrastructure to attract tourists the state is emphasizing and focusing more on the development of sports and activities available for tourists and visitors to order to keep them engaged at all times. Numerous small tourists' information centers are opened up across the state to assist tourist with Himachal travel, hotel booking, shopping, and transportation as well as to provide important travel tips. Such service centers also provide free guides, brochures, maps and travel booklets pertaining to the state.

Various tourist attractions:

Among the various tourist attractions provided by the state, Shimla tour packages, Dalhousie packages, Kullu Manali tour packages, Delhi to Shimla Kullu Manali packages tops the corresponding list of the state enabling tourist to book it on priority basis. Many people used to opt in for Kashmir tour packages in order to experience the scenic Himalayan mountainous ranges but due to security reasons and infighting over the Jammu-Kashmir state, a holiday in Himachal Pradesh forms as an enriched and satisfying substitute.

Ideal time for a Visit:

As Himachal Pradesh has a salutary climate; the most ideal time to visit the state is in between the months of April to June where the weather is pleasant enough to enjoy the scenic views as well as is perfect for enjoying an idyllic nature walk or for trekking.

Summary: This article gives us a sneak peek into the salient features of one of India's most exotic and scenic mountainous regions nestled in the Northern part of the country among the mighty Himalayan ranges. A perfect destination for tourists or visitors who are looking forward to an enjoyable, stress free rejuvenated time. Himachal Pradesh tops the chart of India tourism. It is the place that has no shortage of attractions. Because of its attractive beauty and picturesque natural environment, tourists come here from all over the world. Its snow-capped ranges of mountains, valleys, rivers and deep ravines only leave you mesmerized.

Some of the must-visit destinations of Himachal Pradesh are:


Dharamshala Being tourists can discover the snow-capped mountains, green landscapes, beautiful valleys and spectacular rivers. A visit to monasteries, temples and churches fills your heart with comfort and peace.


It boasts of a green environment and captivating views of mountain peaks covered with snow. Tourists from all over the world come to explore fascinating churches and other attractions.


It is one of the most spectacular attractions of the place. The place offers an excellent starting point for adventure activities. Set amid the lowest in the Himalaya, Kullu is a big hit with tourists. Ice games Kullu surely make your trip enjoyable.


Himachal Pradesh is a paradise for tourists and one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. The state of Himachal Pradesh is located in the northern part of India and is often referred to as the land of the gods because of its stunning natural beauty. The whole region is full of scenic landscapes with greenery, valleys, meadows, orchards, long snowy mountains, hiking trails, fresh clean lakes, natural springs, and the ski resorts. Every year millions of people come to Himachal Pradesh to take in the colonial charm and enjoy activities such as hiking, fishing, ice skating and golf. The capital city of Himachal Pradesh boasts of its fascinating attractions. You can find here the snowy peaks, lakes, waterfalls and valleys. There are many fascinating places worth a visit. Some of the tourist attractions of the place Dorje Drak Monastery, Jakhu Temple and The Ridge.


The destination is popular with honeymooners. Natural beauty and snow capped mountains adorn your holidays with joyful memories. The beautiful valleys, breathtaking waterfalls, dense forests and zigzag paths make the destiny of a great success among travelers. Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy various adventure sports here.


This beautiful hill station is a big hit with tourists. Kasauli is an ideal place for nature lovers due to their breathtaking beauty destination. It is a home to exotic species like deodar wildlife, wildflowers and wild roses.

Spiti Valley:

Located atop the majestic mountains of the Himalayas is a fascinating destination. Blessed with salubrious climate, this beautiful valley is home to several monasteries. Dotted with many fields, the valley has a heavy snowfall during winters.