Bird Safari in Bharatpur

The Rajasthan, is one of the dynamic state of India, it is the popular for its food culture, tradition, architectural monuments like forts & palaces. A part, this state is also known for its distant flora & fauna. Here in Rajasthan state, there are a huge number of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. And its diverse topography ranging from desert to the green forest and hill ranges to wetland gets ideal conditions to lodge large types of plants and animals. The Rajasthan is also offering many jungle safaris to its travelers to enjoy the richness of its wildlife.

Experience the real pleasure of bird watching holidays in India with natural beauties and wild array of wildlife species. Whether you are planning to travel with your family or closest friends, this trip will let you rendezvous with such daintiness, which you always admire to see once in your life. It is one good experience for nature and wildlife species lovers, so what are you waiting for get yourself loaded with binoculars and maps and set out on a bird watching trip and preserve all the good memories on your camera.

Indian wildlife has its share of native birds along with the migratory birds in wildlife of India. Several hundred species of Birds can be spotted across India. The Himalayan region is well known for being one of the natural habitats of the Pheasant, griffon vulture and ravens. The Keoladeo Ghana National Park, popularly known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is one of the very famous Bird Sanctuaries in India. A tourist from far and wide is attracted to visit these Bird Sanctuaries in India.

The most famed wildlife sanctuary in India is none other than the Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary, which is situated in Bharatpur town of Rajasthan. The unique and assorted wildlife species and natural sceneries make the sanctuary a heaven for nature lovers and bird watchers. This sanctuary will let you familiar with the lots of migratory and water birds and experience the true beauty from a close distance. A few of the popular wildlife species found at the resort are Sarus crane, Bulbul, heron, and great cormorant and Siberian cranes.

Bharatpur is a renowned tourist destination which is referred as the home of the Keoladeo National park. It is preserved as a world heritage site by UNESCO and it is a major attraction for tourists in winter season. It is a famous place for birds where they gather after travelling a long distance. So, tourists can spot here several species of birds in winter season. This place is situated around 55 km away from Agra where tourists can reach via roadways. It has very strong historical background which tells that it has obtained its name from Bharat the brother of Lord Rama.