Camel Safari in Pushkar

Pushkar, the blessed town located in the Eastern side part of Rajasthan relishes huge admiration globally for its place of worship devoted to Lord God Brahma, Pushkar Lake and colorful fairs. Tourists from all over the world come to this place to get a feel of the religious atmosphere of the place. This place, situated in the foothills of Aravalli ranges is also a picturesque paradise that offers a breathtaking scenic beauty. Pushkar travel is indeed one of the best ways to relax from the busy city life.

The ultimate way to desert life is a Rajasthan safari that offers to see true grandeur and explore small villages. The camel safari rides can stretch for weeks or can be short for an hour, as desired. It is not an endurance test, but is also not very simple. It certainly takes some time to get adjusted to.

The ideal time is from October to February, but you will be astonished to see all the year round Rajasthan has beautiful scenes, colorful and vibrant lifestyle. Rajasthan Camel Safaris cover distances of 10 to 20 kms. You can also enjoy staying in the campsites near the villages so that it offers a glimpse of the desert life and allows mixing with local people.

You can enjoy traditional performances as entertainment performed by local artisans. The itineraries here are the come safari treks that include Pushkar, Bikaner and Jaisalmer as this is considered to be the main camel safari tour route. There are people who opt for less crowded routes that cove Shekhawati and Pushkar. The basic Pushkar camel safari rate starts at Rs.800 and is anticipated to increase based on the comforts offered at your request.

Things that you need to remember before starting on a camel safari, besides making it a memorable experience, it is best to follow these:

Firstly asks about the offers and if they include hidden charges.

Ensure to hire registered camel only for a safari. You can note their registration number as this ascertains safety for your family and you.

See that you travel in groups and have your own camel. It is not recommended to leave your luggage with camel drivers alone while you are visiting the ruins on foot.

Carry a good thick blanket to cushion your back and legs from the hump of the camel. This will also protect you in the cold desert nights.

Remember to take a water bottle having a long strap, sunglasses, sunscreen and broad brimmed hat. This keeps you protected from the sun in the scorching desert at daytime.

Eat lightly while on a camel safari ride. A full stomach makes you nauseated on the ride.