Elephant Safari in Jaipur

India is developing its tourism industry. The city of Jaipur is one of the main attractions of western India. The city is also known as the pink city. Many people from various places do visit this place throughout the year. This city is well connected with other cities of India by railways. The temperature of this region is quite diversified. In general cases the temperature is higher in the morning and at night it is extremely cold. The architecture of this region is completely different from other parts of the country. One can reach this place also via Delhi. It takes a few hours by train to reach Jaipur. Delhi is well-connected with the other part of the country.

At first the member of elefantastic greets their tourists by welcome water and then they wash the elephants, feed and water them. The organization organizes a painting class and tells about elephant-decorations. Then their members organize delicious traditional food for the tourists. After lunch we take a beautiful bare back rides on elephants. The tourists enjoy elephant safari with elephant rider, visiting Amer village as well as Amer fort. This is one of the exciting moments for all the tourists. They enjoy whole the day with the attractive elephants as well as wild animals in jungle. The safari starts before sunset and end after dark.

Later in the day, fireworks light this air. Sadly nevertheless, this amusing activity associated with hippo polo continues to be missing through the festival nowadays. The crowd which includes huge numbers of foreigners and locals rock the atmosphere. In village ride on the elephants where they set camp and start a camp fire. After getting to know the area and the people living there the team member cook dinner and have drink together before sleeping under the stars.

This can be regarded as an eco-park or a farm-village of elephants, managed by the coordinator. There are stables for elephants and each of them separately built besides their elephant riders home. Regular veterinary checkups are carried out for any diseases. One can enjoy a whole day with the gentle beasts from their routine day to day life like from feeding them to bathing them in the park lake. People also can enjoy the safari ride on the elephants to Amer fort and the confined pink city. One can spend the whole night with the rider and elephant at the park sleeping with them and waking up early morning with them with a closer look at nature’s beauty. Over all it’s an initiative to aware the people about our mother nature.

Rajasthan, the land of royals is well known for its culture, tradition, palaces, temples and museums. Each city of Rajasthan has a different feature that appeals the travelers to extend their holiday. Being one of the largest states of India it offers a variety of experiences to the tourists who take arrival in this desert land. Each and every city, as well as the towns of Rajasthan provides an exclusive experience to the travelers visiting the majestic state from all over the world.