Tiger Safari in Sariska

If you want to some wildlife fun in India, want to experience the natural inhabitants of the country into the dense forests of this part of the world, opt for the Tiger safari in India. Why Tiger Safari in India? India, also regarded as Gods own place, is famous for being a safe haven for plenty of wild animals, though the tiger is the epitome of Indian wildlife. Like Africa is famous for the lions, India is famous for its tiger. Over the years, the number of tigers has been declined drastically in India, though recent measures of Indian government to protect the tigers, the glory of the country, have been working positively and keeping the poachers away from the pride of the nation.

India is truly a tiger capital of the earth! These big cats have found this country climate to be very suitable for them and that is why they are present in this country in such huge numbers. In fact, tigers play major roles in the eco-system of this country, making this country enriched with them. From northern and north-eastern rain forests to the dry forests of the west, tigers can be found in different forests or national parks of the country. Thus, choosing the right places for India tiger tour can be a little hectic or daunting task. The best way of being a part of the India tiger tour is to get in touch with a reputed travel agency in India.

Sariska is located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan and is world famous for its wildlife sanctuary. The places to visit in Sariska mainly includes Sariska National Tiger reserve as this pace unfolds various historical places like Hanuman Pandupol, Kankawadi fort, Neelkanth Temple, Garh Rajor Temple and the Sariska Palace. Furthermore, you can find a variety of wildlife animals that will boost up your thrilling experience. It is an Indian national park situated beautifully sin the lap of Aravali hills in Alwar district of Rajasthan.

It is only 200 kms from Delhi and 107 kms from Jaipur. Wild tigers are seen in abundance in this typical dry deciduous forest of the national park. Other animals which inhabit this reserve are - Leopard, Jungle Cat, Caracal, Striped Hyena, Golden Jackal, Chital, Sambhar, Blue Bull, Chinkaras, Four Horned antelope, Wild Boar, Hare Languor and many birds and reptiles and many more. There is also a famous and an ancient temple of God Hanuman inside the tiger reserve. Tourist can enjoy their safari trips in open gypsies. A private vehicle is not allowed to enter the premises of the park for the safety and security of the animals.

Alwar district in Rajasthan: This reserve earlier propounds to the rulers of Alwar which later in 1958 became a sanctuary. This reserve was declared as a national park in 1982. The Sariska tiger reserve is situated on mountainous land of Aravali Valley Array and spread above a space of 780 sq. km. The place is well surrounded by deciduous forests in which you will find a variety of wildlife animals like leopards, panthers, jungle cats, jackals, hyenas, chital, wild boars, tigers, Sambar, Chausingha, hare, rhesus monkeys, and sand grouse etc. This spot is a major attraction of Sariska and is visited by many tourists. The place will proffer you a thrilling experience which you will never forget.